TRANSMUTATIONS Leads to a Strange Change!

My version of the apocalypse, started by the book series Apocalypse Weird, takes place in the tri-state region of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, specifically featuring the cities of Pittsburgh, PA, Wheeling, WV, and Martins Ferry, OH (where I grew up). I had lots of fun writing this, as I tried to capture some of the highlights of my youth via the geography and certain landmarks that were meaningful to a twelve-year-old boy who grew up next to the Ohio River, surrounded by hills populated with an old barn and a cave, and also a mine runoff that we all called the Orange Crick.

TRANSMUTATIONS is available to read on Kindle, via Amazon, for a paltry 99 cents. Trade paperbacks will also be coming out in the near future.

You can see it on Amazon by clicking here!

Transmutations cover Kindle Wyrd



About Ed Gosney

Ed Gosney grew up in the small river town of Martins Ferry, Ohio, near Wheeling, West Virginia. He claims it was a magical place that helped mold his imagination, as he spent countless hours roaming the hills, playing in a cave, and hanging out at the Ohio River with his childhood friends. Ed is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in English Education, and served in the Army, becoming a Journalist and the editor of the Army post newspaper. After being honorably discharged, he entered the corporate world to write business proposals, working for several different banks and at times managing proposal teams. Currently living in Copley, Ohio, Ed has been married to Melissa since 1987 and has three children, Renee, Ed, and Brynn.

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